The Solution


Let Marketers Do Marketing

Successful marketing campaigns aren’t simply born from creative ideas; they are brought to life by a series of processes that make up the Campaign Lifecycle.

Trans4m’s modular approach enables marketers to improve productivity at any stage of the lifecycle, one step at a time. This means you can start to take control of marketing at your point of greatest challenge, in a way that suits your business needs and without disruption to any of your other processes.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take control of marketing!


Preparing for better planning

Great marketing starts with great planning, which means knowing what resources and budgets are available at any given time, as well as the status of the activity calendar.

But what if you have no visibility of available resources? What if you can’t see what campaigns are planned and which are already in progress? What if you don’t know which campaign methods worked well in the past and which failed to deliver? Being asked to quickly produce a response to a competitor campaign would throw everything out of control!

Sound familiar?

Trans4M’s planning modules enable you to co-ordinate resources, calendars and budgets, allowing you to effectively manage multiple marketing activities. See our Plan modules.


Make time for creativity

Strong marketing content and creative can bring the best marketing campaigns to life, but as marketing is expected to deliver more and more, creativity is often stifled. Marketers working different geographies, divisions and channels need to work as team to ensure creative is strong and consistent.

In reality however, teams do not always use the same processes and rarely share resources, assets and content across the whole team. This can often result in duplication of effort, wasted budget and an inconsistent brand.

Ring true?

Trans4M’s content and collaboration modules will help to give your team the freedom to be creative. See our Create modules.


Removing roadblocks from the approvals process

In today’s environment, ensuring a seamless process from conception through to execution is key to keeping your marketing activity on track and on budget, as you swiftly move on to the next campaign or event.

However, with teams using disconnected systems, there is little visibility of what needs to be done, communications can often fail and cause bottlenecks in the approvals process, which in turn lead to missed deadlines. With no clear audit trail, it can often be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Hit a nerve?

Trans4M’s approval modules will automatically tell your team what they need to do next – and the consequences if they miss their deadline! See our Approve modules.


Shorten the time to execution

Whilst today’s new digital world presents marketers with more opportunity than ever before, with opportunity comes challenge. Data analytics, campaign management, social media and email platforms are now standard in most marketing departments, but are we really making best use of them?

The pressure is on to execute more, faster and better campaigns than before, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to integrate and co-ordinate multi-channel campaigns using various disconnected marketing tools.

Sound about right?

By expatiating the marketing development processes, Trans4M Marketing will enable you to get campaigns to market on time and on budget. Trans4M’s execute modules will help make delivering multiple campaigns and multiple formats a whole lot simpler. See our Execute modules.


Measure marketing’s success

In today’s marketing environment, CMOs are expected to have a clear view as to the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing activity. We have a wealth of data from our web, email and social media tools, but why can’t we pull of all of this disparate data together to provide true ROI figures for our combined marketing efforts as well at a granular level to show the ROI for individual campaigns?

In truth, this level of measurability is often placed on the ‘too hard’ pile, as it can be difficult to get hold off all the data you need. Besides, with so many interacting variables at work, it can be difficult to attribute which element of the campaign was most effective. More often than not, we simply just don’t have the time to pull all of this information together, right?

Ringing any bells?

Trans4M will provide a measurement framework and enable you to gain real time visibility into your marketing plans, processes and results, whilst keeping track of budgets and costs. Trans4M’s measurement modules will help you to find out the facts behind your marketing and discover your true ROI. See our Measure modules.