You work in a busy marketing department, and like any other, the demands of the department frequently exceed your operational capability, creating inefficiencies that restrict your ability to consistently deliver results.

You know implementing a MOM solution can overcome your operational problems, but having committed marketing spend to various execution tools in the recent past, it’s difficult to build a compelling business case for further marketing spend.

SmartStart Process

Even when you’ve identified your need for a MOM solution, its still difficult to know where to begin – which process? which team?

Trans4m Marketing’s SmartStart Process is our framework to scope and define your exact requirements.

Trans4M understands marketing and our consultants can help guide you through our process to help you identify your main inefficiencies and where to start. Rather than implement a one size fits all solution, our modular solution enables you to start making amends at your point of greatest challenge, in a way that will suit your business.

In matter of days we’ll help you justify your investment and demonstrate the resulting benefits. The end result is a step-by-step action plan that will ensure you address your challenges in the right order and realise maximum benefits as fast as possible.

Defining Marketing Operations Metrics

How well can you measure your current marketing activity?

You want your marketing to be a success, and you want to be able to demonstrate it to the management team. In order for your MOM solution to be effective, you’ll need to know which elements of marketing are working and which are lagging behind.

Our process will help identify the metrics required to measure those marketing activities most critical to meeting your objectives and to ensure your marketing operations are delivering on this.

Process Review

You’re delivering a wide range of marketing campaigns. Your teams are busy generating ideas, creating messages and executing marketing campaigns and events.

But are you doing things efficiently?

Trans4m Marketing’s consultants can review your marketing processes and suggest improvements. Our experienced team will review key processes, assessing the inputs and outputs and the value add in between. We can help you re-engineer where necessary to ensure robust processes that are compliant with legal and governance standards.

Implementation integration

In recent years, your organisation has invested in numerous marketing execution tools, such as email platforms, campaign management and social media monitoring.

In order to maximise your operational efficiencies, we understand that our solution needs to integrate with your existing investments.

To this aim we already have a range of pre-built connectors that will quickly enhance your current processes. Even if we don’t have a connector for your system, our professional services team can accommodate custom configuration and API integration requests to keep the Trans4m Marketing platform working in harmony with your existing systems.

We have pre-built and custom configuration available for:

  • Email Service Provider Solutions (ESPs)
  • Enterprise Marketing and Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • CRM systems
  • ERP systems
  • Procurement systems
  • Financial Management / Accounting systems

On-going Process Support

Implementing a MOM solution alongside your refined processes should not be the end of your goal to efficient marketing operations.

As you settle into your new working practices, things can quickly change, and new challenges will arise.

With our on-going process support, Trans4m Marketing’s consultants can continue to observe your marketing processes and monitor performance against your SLAs. Our continuous evaluation and refinement will optimise your marketing operations.