Case Study : Occam and Amaze One

Agency Campaign and Operations Management

A single system to help agency and client resources plan, estimate, create, track and execute complex multi-channel projects and campaigns across large clients.

Challenges – 3 Primary areas

1. Control

  • Maintaining productivity and profitability
  • Managing delivery teams across multiple locations
  • Optimum use of resources


2. Measurement

  • Ensuring complete visibility of projects, budgets and retainers in a fast-moving environment
  • Tracking utilization and value


3. Integration

  • Bringing agency and client teams together seamlessly to deliver
  • Able to be agile and programmatic in delivery styles
  • Delivering scale and managing growth


The Solution

  • End-to-end sales process fulfilment from client request, statement of work generation, delivery schedule and estimate with all steps being tracked and measured
  • Template driven workflow processes (including ‘create your own’) from statement of work approval to project / campaign delivery
  • Balances programmatic waterfall delivery and agile approaches (LEAN, Kanban) allowing the right level of rigor and control to be applied
  • Visual traffic and resource management capabilities – allowing resource managers to manage work allocation
  • The creation of knowledge base that allows important information and agency best practice to be captured, stored and accessed in a consistent way
  • Document storage and collaboration that allows projects teams to store and share ideas and key information centrally
  • Integration with other line of business systems to ensure closed loop processes
  • Comprehensive reporting and business intelligence dashboards providing accurate views of work in progress, project burn down views, as well as the general health of the business (efficiency trends, financial performance, throughput etc.)

There are many solutions out in the marketplace but none that provide the level of capability of Trans4m’s ‘Agile Agency’ solution. With Trans4m, we have a platform that allows us to scale and deliver projects and campaigns for our clients that is game changing. As our business grows and transforms we know that we have a solution that can support our evolution across everything we need to do. [Neil Evans, Managing Director]