Trans4m launch Marketing Operations Analytics Engine

Trans4mmarketing has launched its new Marketing Operations Management analytics. It provides CMO’s and senior marketing personnel with real time visual and interactive views on marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Specific visualisations provide unparalleled insight across a range of metrics, including throughput, cycle times, rework and quality, team and individual productivity as well as metrics on work in progress.

Campaign 342, you are cleared to land on runway two-seven…

Marketing communication is in a perpetual state of flux. It certainly has to be to stay relevant and keep up with constantly changing consumer behaviour. The problem today, though, is most businesses are still way behind their customers in this multi-device, multi-channel world where consumers now expect a seamless experience from their providers that’s consistent no matter which channel, when or how they choose to interact with them. They also expect any marketing messages to be tailored to them, which has prompted a shift from large-scale one-size-fits-all campaigns towards more personalised communications.

Enabling this ‘omni-channel’ experience for your customers is no small feat, but delivering a suitable, personalised message consistently across all relevant channels is another level of complexity altogether. Just think of the number of different campaigns and content variations you’d have to create to make just one campaign appear personalised to a customer’s specific circumstance. For example, a campaign that is simultaneously available through 3 different channels and containing 2 personalisable content panels, each with 5 possible variations, requires 30 different campaign assets to be created, approved, synchronised and executed. Whilst campaign automation, decisioning and asset management tools can all help make individual campaign delivery more efficient, most businesses have more than one campaign to worry about at the same time.

Trans4m Launch Agile Content Builder

Trans4m Marketing Productivity cloud allows marketers to create beautiful content quickly and easily. Using Trans4m ‘Agile Content Builder’ marketers can create dynamically customized marketing materials – from emails, to web pages, banner layouts or traditional marketing printed assets, brochures and data sheets. Agile content building features include:

  • Template approach for creating email, social content and documents
  • Create new images for social media activity
  • In-place content editing – with distraction free editing area
  • In-page image embedding – with pan and zoom
  • Drag & drop content blocks – enabling users to design marketing materials without any technical knowledge

As you would expect, ‘Agile Content Builder’ is integrated with other Trans4m Marketing Productivity Cloud modules including Brand and Marketing Asset Management, Marketing Workflow and Approval Management enabling administration users to create new templates and central and local marketing managers to create new marketing materials or adapt existing marketing materials easily and productively.

#agilemarketing – A framework for success

In our experience agile marketing is born out of having a disciplined approach with clear roles and responsibilities defined across all stakeholders, ensuring alignment, to enable marketing to mobilize resources quickly.

There is a lot of content and views about agile marketing focused on taking the best from agile software development (scrums etc.) and whilst this is relevant and useful (and we would agree) there are other things that need to be considered for marketing to be able to act and respond quickly.

Marketing Digital Transformation

Marketing and the impact of digital transformation…

Digital transformation is a wide ranging and complex subject. It is not a simple tick it off the list and move on to the next thing. Sure it involves technology (customer experience, marketing automation, CMS etc.) but it also concerns processes, structures, operating models and culture of the organization in terms of how we all work together productively.

In our experience organisations and specifically marketing organisations are at various levels of maturity across a number of dimensions. Our 1 pager on ‘The Structure of marketing’ provides a high level view of traits we see as organisations progress over time. Watch out for other perspectives on Creating Customer Marketing Operating models that facilitate change and what it means to be Agile.

Introducing ‘Marketing Playbooks’ – improve your marketing planning productivity

As part of its Trans4m Marketing Productivity Cloud, we have implemented comprehensive functionality to enable marketers to create what we call ‘Marketing Playbooks’. These ‘Marketing Playbooks’ enable the visual creation of customer journeys, marketing campaigns, as well as ‘always on’ marketing initiatives using a visual drag and drop interface. Using Marketing Playbooks improves the productivity of the marketing planning process and allows marketers to consider different marketing approaches without the need to capture unnecessary information.

Any Marketing Playbooks created interact with all other Trans4m Marketing Productivity Cloud ingredients meaning that marketers can view campaigns in the holistic marketing calendar (FocalPoint), collaborate together and seamlessly publish content to a range of marketing channels including social channels (twitter, Facebook and Linkedin) as well as other industry leading marketing solutions (including BlueVenn, dotMailer, St Ives DNA platform and Experian’s Cross Channel Marketing Platform).

The Importance of a Marketing Measurement Framework

Marketing and measurement have always been uncomfortable bedfellows. Lord Lever typified this in the now famous quote; “I know I waste half of my advertising budget. I just don’t know which half”. Why is this the case?

Let’s face it marketing consumes considerable organizational resources and often represents the largest area of discretionary spend in most organizations. However, marketers tend to be least able to mobilise measures that provide detail as the success of marketing activities. Other departments however can! For example, the supply chain is scientific and measurable, sales teams can show pipeline forecasts and the customer services department knows how many calls it answered today and how many calls were lost.

Improve marketing productivity. Unlock the potential of your marketing team in 2015

If you’re considering how best deliver your marketing plan with the limited resources you have, or need to be more productive across your teams so you can deliver more, then we would like to help. We will run a free 2-hour workshop with your senior team to quickly identify how you can unlock the potential in your marketing organisation and achieve “marketing excellence” in 2015.

We will:

Improve marketing productivity: implement a multi-channel marketing calendar!

As marketers we are doing more and more. We have more channels than ever before, we have more segments to be close and personal with, and we need to respond to market conditions faster than ever.

Marketing is also working with the sales team, the customer service / subscriptions team, the web guys and so on. If marketing doesn’t communicate what is going on there are all sorts of things that can go wrong – from sending out a communication to the same vertical segment through to not informing the subscriptions team of that new promotional offer. And what if things change. You know, that new campaign to address your competitor’s recent great offer or product launch. All of sudden we have to fit that in instead – does everyone know the current up to date plan?