Our Plan Modules


Program Management

This module allows you to map long-term marketing strategies and facilitates the financial planning of budgets to support the delivery of marketing objectives.


FocalPoint® and WallPlanner® Marketing Calendars

Gives real time access to all of an organisation’s marketing projects across regions, business units and marketing programs. Marketers can view the whole marketing operation, collaborate and share information with ease as well as seeing the current state of specific marketing campaigns and projects.



Provides a holistic view of marketing resources and allows managers to dynamically manage marketing resources, view availability; plan workloads, understand utilisation and reassign tasks.


Budget Analyzer®

Our unique financial planning tool allows you to organise your marketing budgets and gives you complete control over multiple budgets, so you can make informed decisions. It tracks every cost in real time and integrates with FocalPoint®.


Absence/PTO Management

Lets you know who is on holiday and for how long. Allows you to intelligently assess new holiday requests and understand the impact on your plan and individual campaign tasks.