Our Create Modules


Marketing Asset Management

This central storage area allows marketing departments to organise their valuable assets, capture important meta-data, avoid duplication of effort, eliminate unnecessary costs (buying assets twice) and protect brand integrity. Users can search and locate assets visually and simply and understand what assets are being used in what marketing campaigns.


Content Marketing

Enables teams to review and collaborate on marketing content creation as well as managing the content approval process.


Process Management

Process management and workflow is at the heart of Trans4m, allowing you to streamline and automate repetitive jobs so your teams can do more in less time. Our process and marketing briefing templates help to capture key marketing information and coordinate the distribution of tasks and give everyone the information they need, when they need it as well as freeing up time for strategic thinking and creativity. All the data is kept together, allowing anyone access to the information in the future.


Team Collaboration

Trans4m’s collaboration framework allows members to interact with each other in the context of their work. Marketing team members can collaborate on specific marketing programs, projects and tasks, keeping all the relevant communication in one place and avoiding unnecessary long email chains, meetings and phone calls.


Document Management

This enables marketers to upload documents directly to marketing projects and tasks making them easy to find and share with the team.