Our Approve Modules



Gives you a helpful snapshot of your daily tasks. It also highlights any new comments and documents from team members working on the same project(s).



Provides a detailed and single view of all the relevant team members’ calendars. This allows everyone to understand the bigger picture. Schedules can be viewed in a variety of useful ways (by person, team, role etc.) and tasks are easy to reassign and be re-planned. Our single view of operational marketing provides tangible data and real-time intelligence into what your marketing team is doing, as well as the contribution and value they are adding in the achievement of your marketing objectives


Alerts and escalations

As part of the comprehensive process management integral to our systems you and your team members will be alerted if tasks, process steps or milestones are due or overdue, ensuring that nothing slips through the net.


Automated Communications

You’ll automatically receive a weekly digest as well as daily updates on upcoming work as well as a summary of new interactions on collaborative projects ensuring your team are individually informed and aligned.


Content Approval + Annotation

Allows team members to review and comment on marketing content without any mix ups over version control. As soon as content is approved, it can be quickly and easily sent to the right channel for execution